Spiritual Battle in San Pedro Yaxcaba

There are approximately 150 inhabitants in the village of San Pedro, which is known for it’s practice of idolatry and witchcraft. From the moment we arrived in the village we felt the dark oppression. We began to rebuke the forces of darkness and to cry out to God as we set up and walked the streets. God is good and confirmed in our hearts that He is greater than the enemy who is in the world.  We evangelized and projected the movie, The Story of Jesus for Children. One of our team volunteers, Dulce, reflected on John 3:16 and made the invitation in which 13 children and 8 adults accepted Christ as their only Savior! On the drive home the team talked together about our experiences in the village. Vero and Yura could not seem to be able to finish putting on the clown makeup as hard as they tried. David felt the same oppression as I felt. He said there was a boy who would laugh whenever David looked at him and when he got close to the boy, the boy would loudly laugh and run off. David had felt led to walk around the basketball courts [where they were evangelizing] praying and rebuking demonic forces in Jesus’ name. When I finally got home  from the outreach I felt very drained and a bit ill, but the Lord immediately comforted me by reminding me of past discussions with Pastor Gama who told the team that when there is a strong spiritual battle in a village our bodies may feel it. Praise the Lord for His power to overcome darkness!

Psalm 23:4: Yea, thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.